The corporation provides a diverse range of medical equipment for large hospitals such as diagnostic system- testing – anesthetic – emergency resuscitation – surgery or equipment in the field of obstetrics and pediatrics, hemodialysis machines, etc.

Besides, it also provides solutions, equipment and technology transfer to develop Laboratory system nationwide.

Vietnam High-tech DNA Genetic testing and analysis Center directly performs the function of gene evaluation in modern laboratories, designed according to the recommendations from the World Health Organization(WHO), ISO. The Lab is operated by the top managers and technicians who have got the top Doctors, Masters and Bachelor’s degrees in Vietnam.

The center has been participating in the Government’s Project no.150 to identify the names of the missing Martyrs. From 2014 to the end of 2018, more than 600 DNA samples of the remains of the Martyrs and their relatives have been identified, and 5330 samples of the Martyrs’ DNA at the cemeteries were put into Gene bank, 500 samples of the relatives of Vietnamese – Laos.

The corporation provides solutions, modern equipment, and technology transfer for the field of intensive teaching and training at Colleges, Vocational Training, Universities and Technical Training Centers.