Business philosophy


Vgroup strives to become a major economic corporation in Vietnam and in the region.


– For the market: Providing services with the best quality, along with thoughtful, dedicated customer care policy.

– For partners: Considering benefits of partners as the core element of cooperation;always being honest, dedicated, and professional in investment cooperation policies.

– For employees: Building a dynamic, creative and humane working environment; facilitating career development for employees.

– For society: Being active in activities for community, local development; connecting the benefits of business with community and environmental responsibility.


– Always put the faithfulness as a focus in activities; always ready to implement projects and ensure fulfillment of obligations in commitments.

– Always manage and run the business with kindness; Respect the law, customers, investors and partners.

– Always build relationships with employees in the spirit of the humanity, ensuring fairness in the relationship between business and workers.

Strategy orientation

– Develop professions that have been formed in depth, perfecting the production and business technologies of each member company in order to create differences and brand strength, and maintain business reputation.

– Expand the scale of Vgroup’s operation network and its business across Vietnam and in the region.

– Develop and implement effectively human resource strategies in each period, in accordance with the growth plan in terms of both the width and depth of the Group and each member Company; Achieve human goals is the core of success throughout the Group.