– Headquarters: 152/32 Thanh Thai, Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh city

– Management – Administration:

  • Chairman of the Board: Mr. Diep Quang Nhan, Chairman of the Board of Vgroup
  • General Director: Mr. Nguyen Quoc Hoang:

II. Strategic vision:

– Build a truly capable staff capable of assessing, selecting and transferring advanced IT technologies, suitable to the conditions in Vietnam.

– Choose carefully and proceed to comprehensive cooperation with well-known equipment manufacturers in the world. The manufacturers of informatics, telecommunications equipment in general or network equipment in particular are the owners of modern technologies that are trusted by customers around the world and above all it is provided to customers. good quality products create credibility with customers.

– Provide a comprehensive package of solutions, starting from identifying needs, planning, consulting, analyzing investment benefits to deploying and supporting customers after deployment, in order to be determined to satisfy Maximum needs and interests of customers.

– Become a leading provider of IT solutions and services, always creating values for customers.

III. Business activities:

1. Trading in informatics telecommunication equipment

– Servers and informatics devices
– Security equipment system
– Providing copyright software
– DataCenter system
– UPS power saving devices, power and data protection
– Switchboard system
– Switching system
– Structured cabling systems, networking accessories

2. Trading in electrical and electronic equipment:

– Electronic devices and components
– Types of generators, electric motors.

3. Providing solutions and Services:

– Consulting and implementing server systems applying enterprise management software
– Consulting and deploying hardware infrastructure systems and applied software for E-Government 4.0
– Consulting and implementing enterprise security systems
– Consulting and deploying enterprise application server systems
– Consulting on designing and implementing Datacenter infrastructure system
– Convergence communication solutions for businesses
– Consulting, designing and deploying telecommunication and informatics cabling systems for businesses
– Technical support and information technology services for customers
– Solutions to protect and manage the source system, data for computer networks, telecommunication networks and other applications in the enterprise